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"Come explore our website and discover an invaluable resource that can help you gain an understanding of forest ecosystems and the work that the Manitoba Model Forest is doing, in partnership with communities and other stakeholders, to improve sustainable resource management and sustain forest-based communities through responsible collaborative stewardship."

ForestThe Manitoba Model Forest Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-government organization located in the Province of Manitoba, Canada. Our organization represents a diverse partnership of those with a vested interest in the wise management of natural resources and the sustainability of rural communities in forested regions of Manitoba.

Addressing the Challenges Facing Canadian Forests and Our Forest-dependent Rural Communities - Increasingly, rural, forest-based communities that depend heavily on natural resource industries for jobs, tax base, economic spin-offs and other services are facing significant challenges. Globalization, changes in international currency exchange rates and industry rationalization (resulting in downsizing of the workforce or manufacturing facility closures), put strain on resource industries and thus, the economic and social well being of the communities they rely on. In addition, the increasingly complex nature of land use planning that accommodates environmental and other societal values and expectations places more demands on industries, governments and the forest ecosystems themselves. A heavy reliance on a single industry leaves many forest-based communities in a precarious position. Despite this, forest-based communities have the opportunity to diversify their economies, capitalizing on products and services of the forest while at the same time conserving the important values of the forest.

To address these issues, and as part of the Forest Communities Program, we have implemented programs and projects to: